Sunday, March 23

Holy Grails

Having short to medium length hair (depending if I feel like getting a haircut ) and being very blonde now is it so much fun to style and wear. I sleep with it wet and with the help of a few products I can sleep in in the morning and only take 5 mins to do my hair. 

Going from dark to light my hair has taken a lot of abuse to it. I was blessed with very strong hair but at time it is still very dry and unmanageable. To help I love 1. Oribe's Goldlust Oil. It nourishes and give life back to my hair. I've tried many oils and this is by far the best. I always apply 2 pumps of this after I wash my hair. With that comes my leave in conditioner 2. It's a 10 Miracle leave in conditioner. This has been on YouTube and on all the blogs for the last few years. It is well worth all the hype. I just spray some in my hands and comb it through my hair with my fingers. 

I don't wear my hair curled as much anymore since I am so lazy but when I do 3. Oribe's Apres Beach Wave and shine spray is my go to. It separates the curls and it gives a tousled look. Very "Victoria Secret". For a more beachy/boho look 4. Oribe's Surf Comber Mousse does wonders. Also gives you a lot of volume at the roots when blow dried right. We are all not professionals so I just flip my head upside down and that gives me lift at my roots. I usually use this when going out and I need all the volume I can get. Last but not least my two ultimate favorites are 5. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and 6. Oribe Dry Spray. The surf spray is great for everyday use because it doesn't leave a build up in the hair. Unlike the sea salt spray this doesn't leave your hair stiff and crunchy either. I love using this when I sleep with my hair wet and in the morning just spray it in my hair scrunch it and I'm done. Gives me that messy look that I am loving right now. The dry spray is amazing for volume at the roots and has replaced my hairspray when it comes to teasing my hair. It holds and easy to comb out when needed. This also gives you a lot of texture in the hair and not to mention it smells SO GOOD! Probably the best dry shampoo I've tried. We all love second day hair. 

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