Tuesday, April 29

Yes, I am tan

 With tanning I am always SUPER skeptical. Tanning beds just freak me out and spray tans always leave me feeling dirty and disgusting. Only way I can achieve any color is tanning lotion. It's easy and fast. Well, for me at least. 

These past few weeks I have been trying out a few tanning lotions to see what suits my needs and preferences. I think I finally found my holy grail. 

BAM! Banana Boat Summer Color tanning lotion.
Yes, I said BAM. I thought it would add a nice effect. I don't know *shrugs

The Banana Boat Summer Color tanning lotions gives me instant color within 2-3 hours and I LOVE THAT! I am the type of person that is always looking for instant gratification when it comes to cosmetics. If it does not work the first time it ends up in my trash. The color is very natural and no streaking at all. Sadly, it does have a smell but its tolerable. Unlike the Jergens Natural Glow the smell gets me everytime. Even with their new formulation it still smells very strong and it gives me a headache. 

How I use my tanning lotion:

I try to use the lotion at least twice a week to maintain the color that I want. When prepping I always shave and exfoliate my arms and legs when I know that I will be using the lotion. Exfoliating helps remove any dead skin. When applying on the lotion make sure that your skin is dry and not damp. When it comes to the application the Banana Boat Summer Color tanning lotion is very easy to use. If you are a first timer don't be scared that it comes out brown. I like to mix a little bit of my regular lotion in just to help with the scent. Also I find that it helps me get a covered application. The main reason why I LOVE this stuff so much is that I don't ever have to wait around for it to dry and then put my clothes on. With the Natural Glow I would have to wait till I am completely dry. I like doing this at night because when I wake up I have a very natural glowing tan. In the morning I would just apply on some bio oil with my lotion and my skin looks flawless. 

* Key to keeping your color lasting longer is to moisturize. 

Any questions do feel free to ask. 

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