Monday, August 25

Fall Staple / Giveaway

With the summer almost over and fall just right around the corner I always find myself buying and hoarding a lot of either trendy pieces or things I know for sure I won't be able to wear everyday. With that in mind I'm stuck with clothes I either hate or end up not wearing. Waste of money. As I'm getting older and feeling out my style a little bit more I'm coming to a conclusion that I just need to invest in staple pieces. My style has become very simple and I hate to say it but a bit of a minimalist. Cliche. When it comes to shopping I always tell myself "How many wears can I get out of this?". Keeping that in mind you limit on how much money you really spend and all the clutter you can avoid.

Talking about staple pieces this Lush jacket from ILOVESIMPLYCHIC is a must for any closet. It's so versatile for any style and weather. Light weight material that you can wear it now ( with a few weeks of summer left ) with a dress or even with ripped boyfriend jeans like I did here. I've been eyeing this style of jackets since last summer but it's hard to find the perfect fit. Either it's too long or just too structured and the sizing if way off. Loved everything about this Lush trench from the material, to the brass detailing.

For fall ideas and some inspiration I would wear with this leather pants and a thick knit scarf, or with a pencil skirt and chelsea boots. One item with so many looks.


Now, time for this giveaway! One lucky follower of mines will win this Lush trench jacket that I have been obsessing over. This giveaway will go on for two weeks and the winner will be announced on Monday September 8th on my Instagram. For all rules please read below.

1. Must be following Ilovesimplychic & me (TLDANG) on Instagram. 
2. You must repost this photo with the attached hash tags #ilovesimplychic #tldang and also to tag me so I can see your post.

3. Only ONE entry person so that it is fair for everyone. 
4. Account must be public so that I can view all entries.
5. U.S. residents only and must be 18yrs or older to enter.

Good luck!

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  1. Still haven't figured out how to re-post on Instagram, but I downloaded the pic here to post on there! lol. ;)