Friday, August 22

July/August Favorites

I'm pretty sure you all are here because I posted this on IG haha. Wish I could type out every use and description of each product on Instagram but that is just way too long to read and it's all blocked together so it feels like you are reading a novel.   

Boscia Cool Blue Masque
This masque has really helped the inflammation around my nose and on my cheeks. When applied on it has a cooling sensation so it leaves the skin feeling cold. Love it! 

Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Toner
My skin has really cleared up since using this and barely any break outs. I have acne prone skin so I would ALWAYS get at least one pimple. Has a light alcohol smell to it but not as strong as other toners.

Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder in Starlight
Amazing color for highlighting and also all over the face. It leaves you with gorgeous natural glow to the face. 

It's a 10 for Blondes
I use this as a detangler and also as a leave in conditioner. The conditioner itself is purple so it also helps tone down any warmth that I might have. There is lemon in this so it's amazing when in the sun cause it lightens my hair. 

MAC Lipstick in TWIG
Big thank you to Christine for introducing this color to me. Obsessed. I do find that it is a darker nude lipstick then what I am used to so I have been pairing this with NARS Honolulu Honey and it literally is the PERFECT nude color. 

CND Vinylux Nail Polish
This is officially my all time HOLY GRAIL nail product EVER. I hate shellac with the peeling and acetone soaking so this is the next best thing for me. The bottle says 7 days but I found that this stays on my nails for literally 9 days straight. The color does dull but I just go over it again with a top coat for shine. You can find this on Amazon or Transdesign.

Nature Bounty Biotin Quick Dissolve pills
In the process of growing out my hair again and my nails really needed some TLC. My nails are ten times stronger and they don't break as easily anymore. 

Solgar Green Tea Extract
This has been my substitute for coffee. I love coffee but my skin does not. I also have been taking this as a pre workout and it WORKS. I have so much energy but it's not strong like the powder pre workouts that it makes you shaky or even jittery. 

Banana Boat Summer Color Tanning Mist
I made a post about the lotion version of this and I absolutely love both formulations. This is bascially a spray tan in a can. Spray it on and instant color in 3-6 hours. I have been reaching for this a lot more then the lotion. Quick and easy

Oribe Dry Soft Conditioner
Love it as a dry shampoo. Yes, it says conditioner but I find that it just works for me. I can spray this over and over again in my hair and it doesn't leave build up. PLUS your hair is just super soft after. 

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