Monday, August 4


Being 5'3 isn't much fun when it comes to certain fashion pieces that I am dying to wear. I know overalls totally came back from the dead and you have NO IDEA how excited I was. Wore them all throughout my elementary school days. Yes, I even wore them with socks and Birkenstocks. Who would of known I would be TRYING to replicate the same look at 25. 

Fashion bloggers make everything look so amazing so as any loyal follower I went to Zara, H&M, Nordstroms, and searched online for a decently priced pair of overalls. Nothing worked. When I mean nothing I mean I looked like a short troll. It's hard to find the perfect cut, length and material to make it all work together. 

Walked into my local Aritzia the other day and I remembered that they had these fabric overalls that I have been wanting to try on. I saw that they had the shorts version of the overalls on sale so I thought why not. Tried them on and fell instantly in love. So comfortable and fits me perfectly. I love the zipper detailing on the pockets. This also comes in the longer version which I want also. 

Was not able to find these exact overalls online at Aritzia but found a similar style. Everything will be linked down below.

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