Saturday, September 20

Fall started early

Crazy as I may sound to many, I am so over summer. Yes, the endless nights of drinks and ice cream sounds GREAT, but I just want to cuddle up in my huge scarf and eat some comfort food. The cold breeze and changing of the leaves just gets me excited inside. You can tell that fall is around the corner here in Seattle. The days the getting shorter and it's really chilly in the morning. No more 6AM sun. 

Even though it is still warm ( around the 70s ) I have still been reaching for my thicker long sleeves and boots. I can finally not worry about my pedicure being on point and just let my toe nail polish chip for just once HA. About a week or so ago we had a bit of a rain for two days. Loved every second. 

I've had this TNA long sleeve for about two months now but it was always too hot out to wear, so when I saw that it was raining I quickly worked my outfit around that. I literally have this long sleeve in almost every color. It's just so versatile. I would of never worn this with a plaid skirt but I did and it worked. My favorite part about this long sleeve shirt is that it's long enough in the back so that it covers my butt. Sometimes I wear leggings and nobody need to see my business.

Skirt: TOPSHOP ( similar style ASOS )

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