Monday, January 5


Ok, I know it's not really the first of the year anymore but first post of the year. Seriously it's 2015? Where the fuck did 2014 go? I probably was too busy stuffing my face with chocolate covered pretzels I didn't even know the year was over. Gees 

New years resolution? Quality over quantity. ENOUGH said.

Decided to do a blog post just to try and get myself into the groove of REALLY trying to blog. Again. Attempt #4? I lost count. Reviews, hair tutorials, and where to buy posts are coming! So I know when you think of Washington you think RAIN RAIN RAIN right? Yeah. that's exactly how today was. Lots of rain and grey skies. Not complaining though because I love sweater weather.

Sweater: H&M (wasn't able to find it online but I saw it recently on the sale racks)
Top: T by Alexander Wang
Beanie: Forever21
Shoes: Converse


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